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Hey! Thanks for stopping by Your Neighbor’s Hood. This is a podcast hosted by two friends, Jackie Glass and Christina Kimbrough. They talk about uncomfortable culture conversations, specifically related to race.


The podcast was born out of their real lived experiences. 


Back in 2017, Christina and Jackie both took a course online from the website, Vote Run Lead teaches women how to run for office. After they completed the course, they were placed in a Facebook group dedicated to alumni of the course.


Christina curiously posted in the group asking if anyone lived in the city she was living in, Norfolk, VA. As luck would have it, there was!


And that’s when the magic started. Jackie and Christina met weekly for coffee and their friendship grew from there. One day Jackie told Christina that she’d decided to run for school board in Norfolk and she wanted Christina to run her campaign.


Christina excitedly agreed. They hit the ground running, and passionately pursued the work of campaigning. It didn’t take long for issues of race to come up in the campaign. Christina is white, and Jackie is black, and as they campaigned they were forced to have many often uncomfortable relationships related to race.


They spent numerous nights on Jackie’s kitchen floor talking and decided that they needed to share their conversations with the world, and that’s how Your Neighbor’s Hood was born.

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